Monday, February 11, 2013

Matchbook Valentines

leslierahye here with a fun project that I created with my daughter Samantha for her class Valentines using this Valentine's Set. If you've never worked with digital stamps before, here is a reason to get started! To create 24 of these for her class was super easy. 
Valentine's day digital stamp bundle
I created a simple template in Publisher where I could make 3 base pieces at a time. The base is 8½×3" wide. The saying was shrunk down to about 2¾" wide and turned side ways to print 3 to a page. The bases were trimmed to 8½×3" and then scored at 3", 3-3/8", 6-3/8",6¾"--about an ¼" was removed from the first 3" square to help the matchbook close easier. 

9 monkeys at a time were printed so that they could be trimmed out to 2¾×2¾" for the covers. They were glittered and then trimmed. sentiments saying "from Samantha" were printed on 1½×2¾" pieces. I used a special tab punch to create a tab to tuck the cover into but that could easily be a punched circle or heart adhered on so that the top created a pocket.

The candy was adhered to the matchbook with a piece of double-sided tape. This project was fun and easy to do with my daughter...I did the designing and cutting, she did the glittering and taping. We hope you enjoy it and perhaps it will inspire you to make your own! We'd love to see them!

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